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- Robin Brinkler (DJ_RobinB)
Last Updated: Sunday 5th, November 2000

Before you enter the Dance Anthems Chatroom, a few pointers:

If you have just arrived at the site, after a mention by Dave Pearce on Radio1, the chances are there will be a lot of users attempting to join right now - once you get into the room, the text may appear to scroll up the screen quickly. This cannot be avoided, although it can be helped, as will be explained below. Please be patient, as this first "rush" usually calms down after a short while, and you will soon get your bearings as to what is going on!

If you have any questions regarding the chat, please look at the frequently asked questions page here before approaching an operator. The "Ops" / "hosts" are there to help, but it is counter productive for them to answer the same questions over and over, so please check out the F.A.Q. first!

You can get yourself a better connection to the chat, with more features and options, such as private chat in separate windows, by visiting our software download page. More information is available there - and it can help when things get busy to have a separate IRC client!

mIRC users with version 5.8 and above click here to automatically connect to the chatroom!

Now you can click on one of the two Javachat links below - if one doesn't work for you, then use the other one and try it!

JavaChat 1 [ChatNut Server]
JavaChat 2 [Alternative Java Chat]

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