Chat - Frequently Asked Questions

This page should hopefully answer all or most questions you may have regarding the website and chatroom.

What is this all about?

This is the Unofficial Dance Anthems Website. It is not an official site, and has no connection with BBC Radio1. The same applies to the chatroom itself. The chatroom is "open" 24 ho urs a day, but the main organised chat session is of course during Dance Anthems (Sundays, 7 - 10 pm, 97-99 FM Radio1).

How do I get in the chatroom?

You can join using the Java chat page here in order to "get in" the room, but for a faster, better connection to the room with more features to make your stay more enjoyable and easier to use, we advise you to use a dedicated IRC client. You can download one that's suitable for your computer from this page.

Who runs the chatroom?

The #Radio1 chatroom is maintained by a number of Operators, who look after the room and ensure th at it runs as intended. The room was founded by myself,  Robin Brinkler , around December 1997, and I maintain the WWW.RADIO1.ORG website. The chatroom and website adminis tration responsibilities are spread among the administrators and super operators. The co-admin / co-founder for WWW.RADIO1.ORG and the chatroom is Kyle Sterry . Kyle also maintains the IRC guide to the #Radio1 Dance Anthems Chatroom  and technical support pages here .

How can I find out more about the chatroom?

The website at WWW.RADIO1.ORG should hopefully contain everything you could want to know about the chatroom, but half the fun is actually being in the room during Dance Anthems, chatting with ot her clubbers and vinyl junkies from all over the place while chilling to some quality records provided by Dave Pearce! Come in the room, and watch what goes on - you'll soon get the idea. If you visited the website and didn't look at it, (assuming you got in the room and one of the operators referred you to this page), take a little time to browse through the pages and you will probably enjoy the room more if you understand what is going on!

Does Dave Pearce ever come on the chatroom?

This must be one of the most common questions asked in the chatroom, and the answeris generally no. However, Dan and Ben are now able to join the chatroom on Sunday nights, and you may catch them in there! They are often very busy producing the show, so if they don't respond that's the very good reason why! Dave does sometimes say a word or two in the chat, but the only way to see for yourself is to get in there every Sunday night ;-)

Another reason why it was not practical for Dave to come on, is that in the current form, the chatroom is unsuitable - there are security risks such as impersonators (and some are more clever than simply changing their Nickname to DavePearce), and the nature of IRC would make a sensible or organised chat quite difficult to arrange. We will, however, look into this as a project for the future.

What is an OP?

An OP is an Operator , click here for more information about what one is, and what they do.

Can I get OPs, please please please pretty please with sugar on top?

In a nutshell, operators gain this status by earning the respect and trust of the other users of the chatroom, and most importantly, that of the administrators and founder. In short, you cannot simply get ops overnight, and it does not mean you will get it by staying in the chatroom for 758.7 years either. It depends on you as a person, and how you treat the chatroom and it's users while you are there. Those users that are helpful and contribute to the chatroom stand a better chance of gaining this status, but again, there is no "Guide to Becoming an OP". Again, see Kyle Sterry's guide to what OPs are and what they do for more information .

Would you accept a bribe?

That depends on how desperate we are on that particular Sunday. No, I`m joking of course.

Help! the text in the chatroom goes at a zillion Mph and it's hurting my eyes! Can I slow it down?

When the chatroom gets particularly busy, the text can rush up the screen fairly quickly - especially when using the Java chat. One way to help remedy this is to use a dedicated IRC client, whic h you can get hold of here . Unfortunately it still appears to go past pretty quick if it gets VERY busy, but you can still talk to people privately - se e the help for your particular IRC client to find out how to do this, or click on the person's name in Java chat and type, it will only be seen by that person. Use the scroll bars in your chat window to look back at the text that has already been typed.

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