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The Dance Anthems Chatroom represents a forum for dance music discussion and general chat that is open to everyone. It has been proven a useful resource for clubbers and dj's alike, whether to find out the name of that tune that made their weekend, and where to buy it, or to exchange the latest gossip on the club scene, or just to have a good old natter !

Whether you just want to chill out during Dance Anthems, or exchange mixing tips with other dj's, there's no friendlier internet forum than the #Radio1 Chatroom.

Experienced operators will make your experience as enjoyable as possible, and even if you are a relative "newbie" to the Internet and computing, you can still use our chat with the JAVA link, accessible here. Details regarding connection of an IRC Client to #Radio1 are available on this page.

More information is available by clicking on the chat item in the left hand menu.

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