FUCK iTUNES – LET’S DANCE! is the first dance music MP3 community portal and it’s online from the 1 st July 2004




Owned by Ed Real, the ex-A&R of Nukleuz Records, DJ and producer Jon Rundell and Nolan Shadbolt, is the future of digital dance music distribution.


The website not only combines the latest news, features and forums with a massive catalogue of tracks from over 150 dance labels but six of the World’s biggest DJ’s have put together exclusive 60 minute mixes that are also available to download straight from the site;


PAUL GLAZBY – Owner of Vicious Circle Records and biggest hardhouse DJ on the planet.


CHRIS LIBERATOR – Owner of RAW, Hydraulix, Cluster and Stay Up Forever techno labels.


DARREN TATE AKA JURGEN VRIES AKA DT8 – The biggest UK trance producer and owner of Mondo Records.


TAYO – Presenter of the breakbeat show on Kiss FM and owner of Mob Records


MARK WILKINSON – Resident at Ministry of Sound, remixer of this years smash ‘Sleeping Satellite’ by Lou Reed and owner of Kidology Records.


TROUBLE ON VINYL/ RENEGADE HARDWARE – 60 minutes of future funk from the legendary drum and bass heavyweights.



In addition to these exclusive compilations, also features exclusive tracks that have been commissioned by some of the biggest producers on the planet. These tunes will only be made available from the website and herald a whole new way for fans to buy music.


Nick Sentience – the biggest hard dance producer in the UK and favourite performer at raves around the world – provides us with the first exclusive track:


Nick says ‘I’m playing to about 100,000 people at events every year yet physical sales are on a downward spiral. These people are dedicated music lovers, spending their hard-earned cash to get into the gigs and sometimes travelling 100’s of miles to get there. Dance music and its fans have gone online leaving a shrinking number of customers for CD’s and vinyl and I am excited to have been given the opportunity to meet them there with’