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Each Sunday night at 7pm, Dave Pearce pumps up everyone's evening with his excellent show, Dance Anthems.

Listeners are encouraged to contact Dave and his crew with suggestions and requests for slammin' anthems, messages and stories about anything at all, such as whether you've had a mad or a sad weekend. Also, people have the chance to win the entire UK top 40, by guessing the artist and title of the tunes that Dave plays snippets of backwards, from the dance tunes in the chart that night. There's always some great stuff up for grabs in the weekly write in competition too.

Throughout the show, Dangerous Dave keeps the fat ones rolling, and some of the best classic dance tunes around get aired. Listeners get to choose what gets played when the Dance Anthems Selector kicks in, and in the second half of the show, the cuts that have been largin' it in the UK's clubs get played. The show reaches its climax (!) with The Big Three - where you choose the tunes that have been rocking the clubs you went to at the weekend, or perhaps it`s just your big tune of the moment - either way, the nation`s fave three get caned just before 10 pm.

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